Transcend Your Reality
Transcend Your Reality
Kerri-Ann Appleton

Welcome to Transcend Your Reality

Overcome the inner resistance that keeps you from your greatness

What is This?

Transcend Your Reality

is an online educational program and community platform that guides humanity on transcending their limiting constructs to become expanded and free. We believe every human deserves to thrive. 

Why we Exist?

Mission: to bring more healing to humanity through energetic wisdom and empowered transformation.

Vision: to see, feel and experience a more peaceful and healthy world.

Our Why: We believe that humans are loving, tender and compassionate beings who deserve to thrive.

Our Values: Inclusivity and Creative Partners are important values for us.  We are open to anyone who is ready, willing and able to do "the work" on themselves.  There are “no” financial barriers to participate. We operate as a gift economy, trusting in the community to provide financial gifts to cover expenses and salaries. Members contribute through financial gifts either monthly or annually. We create and thrive together.  This is not a transactional consumer based model.  This is a creative partner model which is a win-for-all solution.  We encourage everyone to be partners in creating the experience together.

Our Offer

1. The Path to Transcend program:

an online self-guided program that you can work through at your own

pace to become the master of your life.


2. Weekly 90-minute online group call to support you with the work, provide you support, feedback and hold you accountable.


3. An online community that you have access to 24/7.

Spirit of Gift

The Transcend Your Reality program and community is inclusive to anyone who is ready, willing and able to do this work.

Inclusive means not excluding any of the parties or groups involved in something. This means race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, education, and socioeconomic status. All of these are important but the last one is why I feel strongly about working from a spirit of gift model.  

Most programs, tools and support like these come with a high price tag and therefore are not accessible to most people.  I am a strong believer that everyone who is ready and willing to do this work should have access to it. And instead of creating a nonprofit or finding sponsors to cover the costs, I believe the community needs to support the sustainability of the program.  This puts the community in an empowered position and moves us out of the consumer model and into a creator model. 

This is a part of a gift economy model.  A gift economy means there is no set price to participate.  YOU CHOOSE the amount that feels right to you.  

I also want to honor the months of work that went into creating this program, the months to come as I edit and enhance this program as well as the hours that go in each and every month to serve the community.  I worked on making this program the best I possibly can AND make it accessible to anyone who is ready, willing and able to participate. 

Each month you will be invited to make a gift of YOUR CHOOSE to help sustain the community and program. 

I invite all participants to make a gift. Give what reflects your feeling of value and gratitude. Give what feels right for you. I trust your judgment on what you can commit to and respect your financial situation. No matter the amount you give, you are fully worthy and deserving to be here to receive the gift of this community. 

About Me

Hi, I'm Kerri-Ann... I am a human being just like you learning to navigate this thing called life.

Most of us want to have a deeper understanding of ourselves. We want to Master ourselves and yet often we don't know what to do or where to start.

I have totally been there. I kept experiencing the same work situation and burning myself out over and over again. I kept entering the same work dynamics even though I thought I was choosing differently. I kept dating the same type of guy even though I thought this one was going to be different. I kept experiencing the same financial issues ni matter how hard I tired not to. I felt stuck to figure out what I needed to do to get out of these patterns.

What I discovered in my journey was that all of this was being created by my unconscious beliefs and old narratives from my past that I was not even aware of.

Beliefs are the programs or stories we live by and the majority of them are unconscious. And here is the thing, our minds will literally look out into the world to find evidence that those beliefs are true. Therefore the process to changing your life is digging deeper into your beliefs and changing from that level. This requires awareness and practice to reprogram the mind and body. It is not an easy process to start because you are literally stepping into the unfamiliar. The more you do it, the easier it gets and the more you want to do it because your life begins to change.

This process was curated out of years of experience, research, science, data and downloads from the universe. It is shedding those layers and then creating your own unique masterpiece. This is where you begin living your purpose driven life.

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